Artificial intelligence: A Boon or A Curse

Geoffrey Hinton known as the Godfather of AI has quoted that he regretted his works on AI Developing. This statement is an alarming tone for the world glorifying AI. 

Time to re-think and understand the implementation of AI from various aspects. Need to question what efficiency and ease it provides us for what cost?

To get ease and rapid development are we compromising basic human rights? 

Countries like America Center for AI Safety (CAIS) are also showing great concern for the existential risk of AI. 

Decision-making task by AI and impacts of Accuracy: 

The decision taken by the AI body completely depends on the quality and relevancy of data used in their algorithm mechanics. The accuracy of the decision largely depends on the Datal selection. As it required a large scale of representative data for accurate outcomes in large. Hence, the unrepresented data of minorities may cause inaccuracy. Recently, the smart speaker failed to recognize the female and minority voices as only the data of largely white male groups were used to set the algorithm. Imagine, the result when the same mistake will be made in an AI tool and it would be installed for the emergency task.  

Hence, Data accuracy needs to be monitored in a well-researched manner and ensure the same from a multi-layer approach. 

Limitations and transparency of the Data use: 

Undoubtedly vast range of accurate data for the good performance of the AI is needed but it still needs the legal limitation of the Data. It is important to strengthen the legal framework and usable-data tracking mechanism by the Government to prevent the Right to Privacy factor of the people of this world. It must be an ethical obligation for the manufacturer to ensure that the end user must know the components of Data which were taken by them for any particular Digital work. 

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