The Anti-Democrat Media

Being Unbiased is difficult to survive today.  Stream of Cognizance simply aims for making the citizen capable enough to participate in Democracy without being biased. It aims to spread awareness and to promote the real nature of democracy or to make democracy more democratic. Media is a great tool for this task. It has a huge potential to connect with the entire population. Unfortunately, nowadays most of the media houses are working for the Stream of Enticing.

Information is the currency of Democracy.

Thomas Jefferson

The Role of media in a Democratic Nation is Very responsible and big. But to an extent there’s a limitation of duty has been imposed on the Media which is the Duty of Interpretation. The duty of Interpretation is a responsible task as well as the limitation of the duty in itself. It’s not about giving a judgment on a certain topic but it is about Interpretation the thing as it is, neither much nor less. Presenting the content with its, as it is Originality, is the real responsibility vested in the hand of the Media. In an Ideal Society, the Media should act as a mirror. It must reflect not refract.

The Work of Catalyst and The Promotion of Ideology

The work of Catalyst and The Task of Ideology Promotion could strangle the Duty of Interpretation. Once the media will adopt the nature of Catalyst, will start dissolving the poison into society. The introduction of Catalyst’s nature will never deliver the news with a sense of normalcy. It will not only provide a judgmental perspective but also bring us to an extreme extent either extreme Positive or extreme Negative. It will snatch the originality of the content. And the worst part It will condition our minds to judge to an extreme extent. The Duty assigned to the Media is only to introduce us with the head and tail of the coin not to force us, which should we opt.


If a person delivering a speech and mentioning points like punishment for cow slaughter, Ramrajya in India, and Promotion of Gita. Only by giving it less interpretation and pinching the component of Catalyst by the media very easily this person could be tagged as the Man against the secular ideology of the country. But all of these components are part of Gandhian Philosophy and it was dreamed by the Father of this Nation, who was a great supporter of Secularism of all the time. Instead of looking for the deep interpretation we initially look at the scale of ideology. 

The Responsible Behaviour

Many Media Houses are shifting their work from The Duty of Interpretation to The Promotion of Ideology. Because here the incentive is huge. The Rich Media will lead the Poor Democracy.  It’s all because we don’t have any judicial parameters to judge the work functions of media. But, We can change this scenario by using our sense of awareness. Reading any content with a neutral perspective without making any pre-judgment, is very important. We should always try to be unbiased concerning any ideology to the extent and only after acquiring the intellectual, logical, and Real reasons, we should make our perspective for any news or content. It is the very basic skill of being a real democrat.   

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