The Fundamental of Democracy

1) Equality – All citizens are treated equally in a democracy and have an equal right to voice
their opinions and shape public policy. No one person or group has more
power than another; everyone’s opinion counts just as much as anyone else’s
when it comes time for decision-making processes like voting or debating laws
and regulations.

2) Participation – Democracy requires active participation by all members of
society so that everyone feels heard and represented within the system itself.
Whether through voting or other forms of engagement such as protests or
petitions, each individual must feel empowered enough to express themselves
if they want real change within their government system.
3) Transparency – Governments must operate openly with transparency being
key so that citizens know what policies are being enacted at any given time
without fear of corruption taking place behind closed doors. This includes
providing access to information regarding decision-making processes,
budgeting procedures, contracts awarded, etc., while also holding leaders
accountable for any wrongdoings committed during office hours.

4 ) Accountability – Elected officials should be held responsible for upholding
democratic values both inside and outside parliament/congressional chambers
; this means not only following through with promises made during the election

campaigns but also ensuring fair representation amongst different groups
within society regardless of political affiliations (eg gender equality). Furthermore
, those who break laws should face consequences accordingly instead of allowing
them ‘get away’ due privilege positions held by virtue of power dynamics existing
between state & citizenry .
5 ) Respect – The rule of law must be respected at all times even if one disagrees
with particular legislation/policy put forward; this allows individuals to exercise
freedom of speech without fear of retribution from authorities whilst
simultaneously maintaining order stability across nation-states worldwide.

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